World War Z, Rabbit Horror 3D, An Assassin, Wild 7, The Thing, Trailers and Clips

First week of my J-horror season down. I started with Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s brilliant Kairo, watched Pedro Almodovar’s  latest film The Skin I Live In at the cinema (full review next week but I recommend you see it pronto!), then two low-budget Ringu cash-ins, Ghost System and Dead Waves, that didn’t inspire much confidence in the rest of the J-horror boom. Will I change my opinion? Almost undoubtedly yes because I love Japanese films!


日本 の 映画 が 好き です。


I’m still viewing films so next week will see more Kiyoshi Kurosawa films and perhaps another low-budget J-horror I hope to have delivered soon, my salary and postal service permitting.

Right, back to the trailers!


World War Z

Release date:N/A

Running time: N/A

Director:Marc Foster

Starring: Brad Pitt


YouTube videos showing the filming of World War Z appeared on the Quiet Earth film blog. Now I love Max Brooks’s book so getting a glimpse of scenes being shot in Glasgow is pretty exciting.


I assume this is part of the Yonkers storyline but judging by opinion on the Quiet Earth blog the film doesn’t look like it will be a faithful adaptation of the book, that said if we get another Dawn of the Dead (2004) I won’t complain. Check out the original post for more info!

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