Autumn/Winter Schedule

いらっしゃいませ、おげんき です か

Since its inception the blog has slowly moved from covering everything to covering the most interesting aspects of Japanese film so I intend to continue that change with a season of reviews covering horror films from the Far East.

映画 が 好き です。

J-hora SeasonYes dear reader, I am going to brave the aftermath of the J-horror boom of the early 2000’s, looking at all of the Ringu cash-ins as well as some classics from the 60’s so expect lots of posts about cute and not so cute yūrei and existential horror. September to December will see me predominantly watch and review two Japanese horror films a week. I will also and look at two auteurs in the field of film – Hideo Nakata and Kiyoshi Kurosawa.

This was inspired by reading Kim Newman’s excellent Nightmare Movies and watching a string of Kiyoshi Kurosawa films as research for an article I wrote so I’m in the mood for some chills.

Can I sustain this for four months? We’ll see but I’ll also be raiding my collection of Tartan Extreme Asia films including Battle Royale and if I cheat and include my collection of murder mysteries, thrillers and films from South Korea and Hong Kong like Biozombie, The Chaser, The Vengeance Trilogy, Thirst, Memories of Murder and the Quiet Family as well as cross-regional efforts like The Three Extremes, I might just make it.

Interpsersed with these films will be cinema reviews. I have not gone to the cinema in over a month – nothing I find interesting to be honest – so it’ll be good to get back on the horse with:

Cinema Selection SeptemberCinema Selection 2 October

As Halloween and Christmas approach I might throw in some classic British horror like The Stone Tapes and Oh Whistle and I’ll Come to You My Lad. Japanese class is starting soon so I may cook up the occasional horror-themed Japanese language post again. I’ll probably change the design of the blog to accommodate it as well. Three posts a week, two of which will be films. I’m actually looking forward to it.