Japanese Film Trailers and Toronto International Film Festival

After last weeks single trailer there has been a veritable flood and the line-up of films at the 36th Toronto International Film Festival looks awesome. I’ve focussed on the Japanese trailers, some of which I have already posted before, so if you like Japanese films read on!

HOLD IT! Done in the style of Phoenix Wright

Oh yeah, yesterday my entry for Front Room Cinema’s World Icon’s Tour went live. The chap I selected was Kiyoshi Kurosawa and I had a lot of fun writing about him so expect a series of reviews based on his films. Anyway, back to the post!

Oh how I wish I lived in Toronto. Not because of the high quality of life and the beautiful women seen in Scott Pilgrim but because of the Toronto International Film Festival. This year’s lineup of films has been announced but I’ll focus on the Japanese films which look impressive:

Himizu – Dir. Sion Sono

From Up on Poppy Hill – Dir. Goro Miyazaki

A Letter to Momo – Dir. Hiroyuki Okiura

Smuggler – Dir. Katushito Ishii

Monsters Club – Dir. Toyoda Toshiaki

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