Milocrorze: A Love Story Trailer

Only one trailer this week but this one looks brilliant.

Milocrorze: A Love Story

Release date:  N/A

Running time: N/A

Director: Yoshimasa Ishibashi

Starring: Takayuki Yamada, Anna Ishibashi, Seijun Suzuki, Maiko, Eiji Okuda


Having gained a reputation for being a bizarre and outlandish film even before it has been seen Milocrorze  follows multiple stories told from multiple perspectives which are delivered with different visual styles. When you consider that the three perspectives include a one-eyed ronin from a samurai drama, an unconventional relationship therapist and a man-child at the mercy of a mysterious woman’s whims this looks like it could be similar to Survive Style 5+. Directed by Yoshimasa Ishibashi who has worked on the wonderfully demented Vermilion Pleasure Night and The Fuccons (see the bottom of my おもしろいですね column for the vids) and starring Takayuki Yamada (13 Assassins), this looks like it will be enjoyable and inventive and stands out as one of the more interesting films getting a release this year.

2 thoughts on “Milocrorze: A Love Story Trailer

  1. I agree…this looks great! I’ll have to check out Vermilion Pleasure Night too!

    The first time I watched Survive Style 5+ was in Japanese with NO subtitles and I still enjoyed it! I’ve watched it twice since. Tadanobu Asano’s character has one of the coolest pads I’ve ever seen! I Also have a bit of a crush on Tadanobu Asano himself.

    1. This film looks so original that I’d give it points just for that. I can’t wait to watch it!

      I agree, Survive Style 5+ is just brilliant. If you like Tadanobu-san then I’ve got a tip. I’ve been watching Kiyoshi Kurosawa (great horror director) films a lot recently so try out Bright Future. Okay, it’s not a straight horror film but it has a lot of Tadanobu Asano.

      Vermilion Pleasure Night is just bizarre. You’ll enjoy it.

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