Third Window Films and Terracotta Distribution Hit by Riots

Anybody watching the news will be aware that there have been riots across the UK. What started out as a peaceful protest on the 6th of August in the London borough of Tottenham quickly turned into chaos as criminals hijacked the event and started riots, looted shops, attacked police, assaulted people and destroyed property. Chaos quickly spread across the city to Enfield in North London where a Sony warehouse was burnt to the ground.

Sony Warehouse

With the riots over it is time to count the cost of destruction and for film fans in the UK news is grim as labels like Third Window Films (Villain, Sawako Decides, Love Exposure, Cold Fish), Terracotta Distribution (Big Tits Zombie), Masters Of Cinema (Tokyo Sonata) and anime distributor Beez (Durarara!!) have lost the majority of their stock in the Sony Warehouse fire. Although Third Window Films has insurance for its stock it doesn’t cover the entire back catalogue and it is going to take time for these titles to created again.

What can we do? A lot actually.
Third Window Films Logo
I know that the readers of this blog support the type of films that Third Window Films and Terracotta Distribution put out and I encourage you to support these companies by purchasing a DVD from Amazon or visiting the streaming movie site Mubi. These labels deserve support because they are willing to put out titles we watch and always select the best films from the Far East.

Just as important is the theatrical release of the excellent film Villain which I reviewed recently. If you get the chance to see it in the cinema, do so and let us keep Japanese films on the big and small screen!

Visit the website Third Window Films for more information on the films!