Asian film releases in the UK and Trailers for The Viral Factor, Intruders, Hindsight, In Time, Smuggler

For Asian film fans in the UK there has been some great news released in recent days some of which I have been following but the first one is a surprise:

Jackie Chan’s Police Story trilogy will be re-released by Cine-Asia’s Hong Kong legends label on the 1st of August.

Police Story DVD CoverIf you haven’t seen Police Story then you haven’t seen some of the most enjoyable films ever made and perhaps Jackie Chan’s best work. My advice (let us pretend you care about it) Pre-order now.

Also released by Cine-Asia is the latest from legendary Hong Kong director, Tsui Hark in the shape of Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame. The film has wowed audiences at various film festivals and stars Andy Lau as the titular Detective Dee.

Detective Dee DVD Cover

First pictures emerged from the set of Takashi Miike’s adaptation of the videogame Phoenix Wright. The folks at ANN managed to get this rather blurry picture of the courtroom that should be familiar to anybody who played the game. The Ace Attorney Wiki provides a neat comparison.


The court from Phoenix Wright

Sion Sono’s cult film Suicide Club will finally get an official UK release from Cornerstone Media on the 19th of September.

Suicide Club DVD image

The film features stunning sequences but is somewhat uneven so check out reviews before making a purchase and judging from some comments on Amazon it might be worth picking up one of the Region 1 releases.

Now that I have mentioned Sion Sono Japanese news site Natalie has released images from the set of his latest film Himizu. Based on Minoru Furuya’s manga about an average kid who goes to the dark side after a traumatic incident. Shota Sometani and  Fumi Nikaido in HimizuDue for release in 2012 it will be premiere at the Venice film festival. Right, the trailers come next.

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