AMV of the Week Gay Bar

Electric Six were popular for a brief while – only very briefly – and yet when I think about their music it seems unfair because they are the most infectiously enjoyable songs ever and they have this strange but hilarious polymorphous sexuality to the lyrics… or something along those lines. Just listen to the music in the AMV.

Anyway, grafting the anime Serial Experiments Lain, Azumanga Daioh and Revolutionary Princess Utena and Black Lagoon into the perverted world of Electric Six and Photoshopping amusing elements like Google Maps, erotic Ghost in the Shell wallpaper and l33t speak onto Lain’s many electronic devices showed ingenuity in bringing together a melange of sources to create a brilliant comedic AMV whilst subverting some of the more interesting and endearing female characters in anime.

Speaking of female characters, this AMV marks the start of a self-analysis I’ll conduct looking into my response to anime girls over the long period of time I have engaged with the medium. Prompted be a comment in a post from yesterday I decided that this would make an interesting series of posts as well as reviewing some of the older titles in my anime collection. At the end, I’ll top it off with another AMV celebrating female’s in the anime medium. Hope you hang in there with me as I reveal some classic anime heroines.