Public Enemy

Originally released in 2002 this South Korean police thriller is like Columbo – less a whodunit, we know the identity of the killer, but how will the detective catch him.

Rogue cop, Kang (Sol Kyung-gu) is in a tough spot supporting two daughters and a mother whilst under investigation from Internal Affairs. Kang’s career is in a downward spiral of demotion, he supplements his income by stealing drugs and extorting money from criminals. His squad is little better and the urge to be public protectors is minimal until a brutal murderer shakes Kang’s perception of crime. Said murderer is Cho (Lee Seong-jae) a ruthless and successful investment fund manager and seemingly happy family man. Under his controlled, happy exterior exists a callous disregard for life that flares up whenever somebody defies him. His first victims are his own parents after a disagreement over money. After the murder, Cho and Kang meet in a dark alley, the two engage in a scuffle and Cho slashes Kang’s face. It is only after the bodies of Cho’s parents are discovered does Kang realise the importance of the encounter.

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