AMV of the Week Crystal Castles

I recently emerged from a Japanese electro-pop addiction partly for the cute singers but mostly for the music. Anyway one of the side-effects was that all electro-pop/electronica sounded interesting – even goth electro which really isn’t my cup of tea. Enter Crystal Castles, part chip-tune, part cold orchestral electronic haunting my dreams… I’m just blathering now because I know nothing about these guys but their one song, Celestica, has been infecting my dreams since I first heard it in March.

Anyway, the anime here is Ergo Proxy. I watched the first episode when Neo magazine had it as a cover-disk one month and found its glacial pace not the best enticement to plunge into buying the set. That’s not to say that I find slow-moving things boring but there was little to intrigue me beyond a Blade Runner-esque story and some images that play on the image of Ophelia painted by the Pre-Raphaelite, Millais.

The AMV combines the glacial anime with the haunting music to create a video that makes the anime look far more interesting. Just be aware there is some fast editing, the sort that make subliminal ads.

Vodpod videos no longer available.