Stake Land

Vampires are everywhere so it takes something original and compelling to get noticed. Broken down into the simplest components, True Blood has sex, Twilight has sparkly vampires and repression, Let the Right One In has angst and horror, Stake Land has ferocious blood suckers and convincing end of civilisation feel.

When a vampire epidemic strikes the world, civilisation breaks down. One night Martin (Connor Paolo) and his family decide to leave home but are attacked, Martin only escapes death due to the intervention of a vampire hunter named Mister (Nick Damici) who takes Martin under his wing. The two travel north to Canada, avoiding cities in an attempt to get to New Eden a place too cold for vampires. Their journey is  fraught with danger not just from vampires but from humans who have taken to joining religious cults because they believe the plague is an act of God. Mister and Martin pick up a group of people including a nun (Kelly McGillis) a travelling singer named Belle (Danielle Harris) and a former marine but will they survive the journey?

Stake Land Boo

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