Cold Fish DVD and Blu-Ray Release

One of the names creeping up regularly on this blog a lot is Sion Sono because he is a prolific film-maker hard at work at making the provocative films with outrageous themes, scenes, violence, dark humour and gore. So it is understandable that I was very excited when I got information about the forthcoming release of Cold Fish by Third Window Films on the 27th of June:
Cold Fish DVD Case
‘Cold Fish’ – Director Sion Sono (Japan 2010, 145 minutes, Horror)

Third Window Films is pleased to announce the release of ‘Cold Fish’, Sion Sono’s grusome follow up to ‘Love Exposure’, as a 2 disc DVD set / Blu-ray on June 27th, 2011

Technical Details
Anamorphic Widescreen transfer with removable English subtitles

Blu-Ray with 5.1 DTS HD Sound / DVD with 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound

Exclusive interview with author Jake Adelstein, reporter on the original ‘Saitama Dog-Lovers Serial Murders’ case, the inspiration behind the film

Two exclusive interviews with scriptwriter Yoshiki Takahashi on the creation of both the film and original artwork

Trailer / Trailers of other Third Window Films releases

Inspired by and loosely based on the real-life exploits of serial killer couple Gen Sekine and his ex-wife Hiroko Kazama (the perpetrators of Tokyo’s notorious 1993 “Saitama serial murders of dog lovers” killings), ‘Cold Fish’ is a psychotic cavalcade of sex, violence and comedy

Shamoto runs a small tropical fish shop. His second wife, Taeko, does not get along with his daughter, Mitsuko, and this worries him. One day Mitsuko is caught shoplifting at a grocery store. There they meet a friendly man named Murata, who helps to settle things between Mitsuko and the store manager. Since Murata also runs a tropical fish shop, Shamoto establishes a bond with him and they become friends; Mitsuko even begins working for Murata and living at his house. What Shamoto doesn t know, however, is that Murata hides many dark secrets behind his friendly face. He sells cheap fish to his customers for high prices with his artful lies. If anyone detects his fraud or refuses to go along with his money-making schemes, they’re murdered and their bodies disposed of by Murata and his wife in grisly ways.

Shamoto is suddenly taken in by Murata s tactics, and by the time he realizes that Murata is insane, and a serial killer who has made over fifty people disappear, he is powerless to do anything about it. But now Mitsuko is a hostage at Murata s home, and Shamoto himself has become the killer s unwilling accomplice. Cruel murders gradually cripple his mind and finally the ordinary man is being driven to the edge of the abyss.

Based somewhat on a true story (read Jake Adelstein’s Tokyo Vice for insight into that particular case) Cold Fish follows Love Exposure and precedes Guilty of Romance, the three films forming Sion Sono’s Hate Saga. For any fan of Japanese cinema, Sono’s work has to be some of the most exciting to come out of the country and it seems like Cold Fish will continue this tradition as it looks to be another cult classic according to a stream of positive reviews and successful festival appearances.

This is the first DVD release of the film in the world even beating the Japanese release. The extras look brilliant, especially the interview with Jake Adelstein who wrote the excellent Tokyo Vice, so if you have any taste for provocative Japanese films go and buy this.

Cold fish can be pre-ordered from Amazon.

8 thoughts on “Cold Fish DVD and Blu-Ray Release

  1. Vashdaman

    Hmm, so I’m guessing this will be similar to Love exposure? If so its probably best I give this one a miss.
    I am a fan of Japanese cinema, but if I am honest, I found Love Exposure to be one of the worst films I have recently had to misfortune to see and also one of the most completely over rated. I just found everything about it pathetic. I mean I known it was supposed to be a kind of parody on things like panty shots, the whole effeminate men thing and so on, but at times it seemed to take itself in all its ridiculousness completely serious, my friend who I saw it with at the time was completely unaware it was even at all a parody. So to me it ended up no better than what it was supposedly to be a parody on. There were also a few scenes in the film that were trying so hard to be shocking and controversial for extra points but which were really just completely juvenile, that I almost turned the film off then and there. Whats worse at four hours long it could hardly be more over bloated if it tried…..such a waste of time.

    Also it wasn’t a very good film with which to introduce Japanese film to someone unfamiliar. My friend to this day hasn’t forgiven me for getting her to watch it lol, and now any time I suggest watching a Japanese film to her, she looks at me in suspicion that might be another four hour long film including copious amounts of panty shots, an a random errection or two and penis mutilation.

    1. Hey Vash, thanks for the reply.

      This is not similar to Love Exposure. Cold Fish is a thriller. With a lot of murders. And blood. GOOD TIMES!

      Ahem, excuse me. Introducing anybody to Japanese films through Sion Sono is dangerous unless you want to shock 😉

      Third Window Films have a selection of great titles like Funuke: Show Some Love, You Losers and Fine, Totally Fine. Those are much safer – the sort I get friends and family so they don’t get misconceptions about Japnese cinema being purely extreme and grotesque.

  2. Vashdaman

    Thanks for the recommendations Jason!

    As for this one part of me is curious and wants to check it out, the other part of me is saying don’t let the hype fool you again! Knowing me though I probably will end up watching it and then regretting it afterwards lol.

  3. When it comes to Sion Sono it’s always worth checking out reviews on other sites. This guy is deliberately provocative but has a lot of talent… just make sure you know where it’s going – quite frankly his career sounds insane.

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