AMV of the Week Section 9 Sabotage

First up the music – If you don’t like The Beastie Boys… okay, not everybody likes classic hip-hop, just look at the garbage that sells. If you don’t like their song Sabotage, you’re mad.

Well, that’s just my opinion but I love this song. I know this song back to front. Whenever I hear it on the radio, whether I am at home by myself or in public with others, I have to sing it. I also love the music video. Directed by Spike Jonze, it captures the feel of 70’s cop-shows like Starsky and Hutch complete with outrageous facial hair and over-cooked directing.

The anime: Who doesn’t like Ghost in the Shell? I like the first one but the sequel captured my heart. I saw Ghost in the Shell Innocence in a cinema and it stands out as one of the best cinema experiences of my life. So I was excited with the television series Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex because it expanded on the fascinating and exciting universe. During the early 2000’s Neo magazine launched in the UK it heavily promoted the show and justifiably so because it is a genuinely good anime – cyber-punk cool combined with outrageous action and amusing Tachikomas.

What I like most about the AMV is that it bends this totally different anime into the cop-show that the original Beastie Boys music video complete with the intertitles including the swooping title and the credits that introduce characters, so instead of,

Sir Stewart Wallace as Himself

We get

Batou as Himself

And so forth. But it isn’t just this that makes me like it so much, it’s the fact that the imagery and music fit together so neatly from the moment that the car crashes through the glass walls to the Tachikomas dancing.