Trailer and Link Round-Up Late Edition: 13 Assassins, Hara Kiri and Melancholia

This post is a bit late which is frustrating because the amount of awesome trailers I see every week is huge and the news from Cannes is truly mind-boggling for a film fan. I guess I’ll focus on three film-makers, Takashi Miike and Lars von Trier.

Takashi Miike first.

Well gang, saw Attack the Block this week. Nice film, no 13 Assassins (my film of the year) but what is? On the subject of 13 Assassins, it will be released in the UK by Artificial Eye on the 5th of September at the price of £9.99 on DVD and £12.93 on Blu-ray. Here’s the cover for the DVD:

13 Assassins DVD Cover

Time for the trailers!

Hara Kiri Trailer

Fresh (I wrote this last week but couldn’t post it) from Cannes are three trailers from Takashi Miike’s latest remake/film Hara Kiri!

He also announced a possible adaptation of a Nintendo DS game focussing on court battles at Cannes. Websites have gone on to suggest Phoenix Wright, which is the most likely candidate. I thought it was a joke when I first saw the news but I live in hope of hearing objection blast out of cinema speakers.


Lars von Trier had what might be regarded as something of a meltdown at Cannes proclaiming himself a Nazi and sympathetic to Hitler, much to the horror of the stars of his latest film, Melancholia. He later apologised but the damage was done and organisers said he was persona non grata at the festival. I’m no fan of his but it should be noted that he has a history of depression, making dumb comments and terrible films (Breaking the Waves – a ghastly film). He also made Europa, which is quite good.

Anyway, here’s BBC coverage of the event and the lovely Kirsten Dunst looking embarrassed whilst Roger Ebert’s Journal has an interesting discussion between users.

And I’m still looking forward to Melancholia if only to see Kirsten Dunst who won the best Actress award at Cannes.

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