Movies and Air Traffic Controllers

The news of US air traffic controllers being asleep on duty is worrying. The news that one chap was watching a movie? Well I found that somewhat amusing (the 2007 movie, The Cleaner starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris if you’re interested). Thankfully, no major disasters but I wouldn’t be as lax (or should that be incredibly dumb?) as to watch a film whilst I was responsible for landing aircraft but there just isn’t enough time in the day to watch every movie you want to watch so I started to think about the types of films I would watch whilst keeping aircraft in a holding pattern above JFK.

The catch is, my attention would be divided between actually doing my job and watching the film but I would like to watch these:


Yeah. I had to get that one in there. A joke a minute and a fantastic dead-pan performance from the late Leslie Nielson. No need to focus on it too hard.

Lucky Number Slevin

I liked Paul McGuigan’s last film Push more than most genre fans did and I remember being intrigued by this film. I just never had the chance to watch it.


I haven’t watched this since its screening at the cinema but I remember most of it and its ending was highly ambiguous. I just want a chance to watch it a few more times to see if I can figure out what Michael Haneke meant by it.

Evil Dead II

I could watch this day and night. Even with half my attention spent on not crashing planes, I’d still be able to enjoy the film.

Get Carter

British original not the American remake. Michael Caine brings violence to the north of England as he hunts for the murderer of his brother. I have never watched it all of the way through.

The Cleaner

Did this even get a UK release? I want to see what is so good about this film. Oh… the whole thing is on YouTube?

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