Trailer and Link Dump

Trailers that have caught my eye from this week. Cannes is coming up and the line-up of films looks brain-meltingly interesting. I’ll probably post more trailers as the event gets underway.

Stake Land

Taking place in a post-Apocalyptic version of America, vampirism is a disease that has struck the nation and humanity is on the back foot. Survivors flee the cities and head to the country. A young man named Martin (Connor Paolo) joins a vampire hunter named Mister (Nick Damici) as they travel through America battling the undead and a fundamentalist militia.

Sleeping Beauty

So I watched Sucker Punch and in my forthcoming review for the film hoped that the lead actress, Emily Browning would get better material to display her acting range. From a trailer I have viewed, it looks like she might have it.

Emily Browning portrays a university student drawn into prostitution. Her specialty is being drugged and sleeping through her ordeals. The premise alone is bad enough, the trailer unnerved me.

Written and directed by Julia Leigh, an Australian novelist I have never heard of, the film is a darker, adult take on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale but this trailer left me feeling rather disturbed.

The film will debut at the Cannes Film Festival.

Harakiri 3D

Also released at this year’s Cannes film festival is Miike Takashi’s latest, Harakiri 3D. Yes, you read right. We get to see the act in 3DI couldn’t find a trailer for it but like 13 Assassins, it’s a remake of an earlier film so here’s the trailer for that.

Battlefield 3

Taking me back to more comfortable and male dominated realm is a 12-minute gameplay trailer for Battlefield 3. I’m not one for realism in games but this looks to be as close to real war as I’d like to get.

The trailer looks awesome. A lot of work has gone into the visuals and the audio. I get a Green Zone vibe from this and it presents a compelling gameplay experience. It looks set to out Call of Duty Call of Duty My only problem is the fact that it is set in the Middle East and I’d rather not revisit the place.

Last Exile

Gonzo bring back their acclaimed 2004 series, which I rather liked, and the trailer shows moe girls, which I don’t like, as well as the standard awesome visuals. I hope this works out instead of being a cash-in on nostalgia.