AMV of the Week – Chanbara Classic.

Sword of the Stranger was a 2007 anime movie produced by the anime studio Bones (Cowboy Bebop). The story involved a young boy named Kotaro and his dog who are pursued by a group of soldiers from China, on a mission to claim the boy for a ritual that will grant the emperor of China immortality. Fortunately, Kotaro falls in with a Ronin named No Name who has given up fighting but will have to take arms once again to defend Kotaro.

It’s a chanbara or perhaps a more accurate reading would be period samurai drama  or jidaigeki set during the Sengoku period so the idea of Chinese military types roaming around Japan makes sense.

Not that that matters because the story is a simple skeleton upon which you can drape some of the most intense action scenes in anime. Every sword fight is cleverly choreographed, fast paced, brutal and the characters display a grace and patience that is majestic.

Furthermore, it’s a gorgeous anime and fast paced, never outstaying its welcome. Like this AMV, really.

Pitchshifter are a band I’ve never heard of or would listen to based on this track alone and yet the music reaches intense heights when coupled with the imagery. The original
track, My Kind, is edited down so that the images in the AMV and the music are choreographed brilliantly with each swing of every blade, every arrow and the lyrics.