AMV of the Week – James Horner and Mushi-shi

Music first.

I have not watched the film A Beautiful Mind but the music from this AMV, A Kaleidoscope Of Mathematics, came from it. The film doesn’t inspire much interest from me but seems pretty well regarded.

It is the music I am most interested in…

Just listening to the music, I can imagine myself sitting in the cinema in absolute rapture. One look at the composer’s name and you will recognise a string of hit movies such as Titanic, Braveheart, Glory and perhaps my favourite (and certainly the best) Aliens!!!!

Onto the anime!

I have not watched Mushi-shi but after viewing this AMV I wish I had listened to all of the critical praise it garnered and bought it because the complete collection box-sets are unavailable. I’m not going to download it and I’m not going to buy individual volumes, thus I won’t see it which fills me with a sense of melancholy because the anime is beautiful. It is further enhanced by the delicate orchestration of the music which matches the rhythm of every scene.

I’m sure I’m watching spoilers from the anime but I can’t help it when the video is just this beautiful. Enough from me. Enjoy:

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