UK Trailer for Takashi Miike’s 13 Assassins

If you check back on my movies to watch in 2011, Submarine and Takashi Miike’s 13 Assassins were there. Submarine was brilliant and I am amped up for 13 Assassins and well here’s the UK Trailer Takashi Miike’s latest:

British film distributor Artificial Eye has released a trailer for the theatrical release of Takashi Miike’s ’13 Assassins’ which is due out on the 6th of May.

The film won four technical awards at the 34th Japan Academy Prize (or the Japan Academy Awards) and has been warmly received on the international festival circuit. The film also represents an effort to a more traditional style of samurai revenge drama that echo some of the classics of the genre (including the original 1963 version).


It is 1844 and the country of Japan finds a rare moment of peace has descended. However, the possible rise to power of the depraved and psychopathic Lord Naritsugu, the Shogun’s younger brother, threatens to destroy that fragile peace and destroy the Shogunate. In an effort to preserve order, high ranking official Sir Doi calls upon the noble samurai Shinzaemon to assemble an elite group of samurai to carry out a daring ambush that may also be a suicide mission.