AMV of the Week – Get A Hold Of Yourself

It’s a week to the day since the earthquake in Japan. Posting anything feels rather awkward with the ongoing crisis involving nuclear power-plants and helping refugees whilst harsh weather sets in. I’m trying to be politic about choosing music and video which do not offend or seem melodramatic.

I went with something upbeat and brilliantly edited by the master of the AMV form, Nostromo. It struck me as epic. The music is by a, quote, “upcoming UK based dance/pop/synth sensation Sugar Jesus”. I’ve never heard of him but his music is infectious.

The anime is a section of Genius Party named Dimension Bomb, animated by Studio 4C. It’s a gorgeous anime and shows the creative talent of Studio 4C.

I picked this AMV because it marks the last AMV I listened to on the day the earthquake struck.  I hope that things stabalise in Japan soon.

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