AMV of the Week – Bloodlust

04/10/11 nearly eight months after posting the video has disappeared. The stuffin this post might go into a larger Blood+ article.


As I continue watching AMV’s and my taste drifts more towards electronica and 8-bit chip-tune music that only a few years ago I would have considered dirge, I’m discovering new artists I like and I like these guys. You Love Her Coz Shes Dead.

What a name. You Love Her Coz Shes Dead.

Apparently it stems more from idolising a person after they have died. This duo have been going for a while and yet have escaped me until I came across a Blood+ AMV.

Featuring more videogames bleeps than the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, their sound is inspired by superheroes and contains an infectious barrage of punchy chip-tune and electronica that swamps the ears as the two shout out vocals.

What about the anime?


Based on Production IG’s Blood: The Last Vampire, Blood+ is an epic, globe-spanning story that focuses on Saya Otonashi, an amnesiac school-girl whose blood has the power to eliminate vampiric creatures named Chiropterans. Why does her blood have these special? She’s a vampire. In order to protect her adoptive family, she has to uncover her memories and her inner-strength whilst battling various shadowy organisations.

If the plot synopsis makes it sound a little dull, that was how I interpreted it after watching an initial few episodes. It ain’t Black Lagoon but at least I got a cool t-shirt with it.

However, after the slow start established Saya’s life in Okinawa, there was an uptick in action, intrigue and characterisation and I fell in love with it, especially when it left Japan and the story opened with Saya rediscovering memories allowing the show to flit around in different periods of her long life.

Throughout it all, it’s beautiful but as it gains in confidence it and goes full force with the visuals and the story which blends teen angst, history and action seamlessly. Interestingly, Hans Zimmer did the soundtrack to the anime but the one song that stands out for me is the opening theme performed by Hyde – probably one of my favourite anime openings ever.


Another AMV with great editing where everything happens to match certain lyrics and music. The soundtrack for the AMV instils and air of angst, brutality and confusion and actually manages to capture the duality of Blood+’s Saya as she discovers her ‘vampiric’ nature and remembers traumatic memories stemming from Vietnam which eventually give her the power to protect those she loves.

Just watch for the body-blows and cleavings as they fall on and over beats, watch as the music soars and the violence rises with it. The editor raids the first couple of episodes to capture the contrasting nature of the amnesiac Saya and what she considers her normal life and her slowly uncovered bloody past through jump-cuts and contrast shots. Warning: AMV contains explicit bloodshed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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