AMV of the Week and a Little Comment on Maintaining Standards

The AMV thread covering Hip Hop was short-lived.

As in two posts.

Two memorable AMV’s that use Hip Hop.

Maybe I should look harder but most of the examples I have seen have been poor and I just grew tired of trawling through crap. This is probably due to the fact that most Hip Hop AMV’s draw their music from the unpalatable parts of the genre which contain the hottest beats but the most vilest/dullest lyrics.

Here’s a pretty good example:

Now the track has a great beat and DMX has great vocal delivery but some lines are outrageously and unintentionally hilarious in a bad taste sort of way…

So I deleted some videos from my Vodpod stream in an effort to maintain standards and good taste.

Sharp editing and flashy images can mask a dumb anime but cannot mask dumb lyrics.

That’s not to say that other musical genres are better because there are more than enough examples of AMV’s that use dumb rawk and overwrought music.

I had trawled through quite a few AMV’s and collected some Hip Hop examples for my Vodpod stream but upon reflection, when confronted with the question

“What do I want my video stream to contain?”

I deleted some of them. Random junk cluttering up a stream meant to celebrate the better examples of the art of AMV’s is not cool. Collecting those AMV’s first is nice but I want a clean conscience and no bad karma.

AMV of the Week:

My move away from Hip Hop reflects my change in musical taste. In fact I don’t listen to it much apart from MF Doom and Warcloud who are really niche and use literary/anime/b-movie references which are also things I like. So yeah, I feel far more comfortable listening to Japanese electro-pop and J-Rock. I’m currently listening to Ling Toshite Sigure and Meg but the AMV I have selected this week uses Icelandic band Sigur Ros. Perhaps I’m going soft but the beauty of the music Staralfur and the anime caught my eye. It’s not flashy or over the top but reflects the change in taste I have undergone. Expect more sissy stuff next week.

2 thoughts on “AMV of the Week and a Little Comment on Maintaining Standards

  1. Vashdaman

    I definitely feel where your coming from, and your right most Hip-Hop AMVs(that I have seen) are pretty uninspired. I do still love Hip-Hop though and may always do so. I definitely don’t really like most of the mainstream Hip-Hip that get a lot of radio play these days, as I feel it is just all about consumerism, stereotypes, helping the rich get richer and generally souless. But that is not what real Hip Hip is about, Hip Hop is about challenging pre concieved ideas, exposing bullshit/corruption, revolutionary ideas and of course expressing ones own individual style. There is still plenty of real/alternative Hip Hop, but it’s a shame you don’t see much of it on the TV/radio. I still continue to love it though.

    I must admit though I’m not the biggest Doom fan(mainly just like his beats), nor have I listened to any Warcloud before, though I shall check them out.

    Keep the eclectic AMV posts up!

    1. Thanks for the post and I couldn’t agree more. I love Hip Hop, the underground stuff and the old school stuff. A lot of the popular mainstream Hip-Hop is stuck in a box repeating the same old rhymes and I found my taste moving on. I will always defend the culture.

      As for MF Doom, his beats are sick but check out his Madvillain collaboration with Madlib called Papermill. Here’s a great MF Doom tracks (produced by RJD2):

      Warcloud is an affiliate of the Wu Tang Clan. His rhymes are esoteric but far more interesting than the usual.

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