AMV of the Week. Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

I’m not a fan of Final Fantasy VII. I never really understood what made the game so popular because it seemed like overblown nonsense and the environments were drab and dark what with the industrial/steam-punk aesthetic and the enemies weren’t interesting enough to wade through thousands of random battles.

Perhaps the only memorable thing was when the main character dressed up like a girl and got chased around by some amorous thuggish types. That was quite amusing actually. No sign of it in this AMV but I won’t hold it again it.

Anyway I never watched the film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children due to my general indifference to the game and my antipathy to all of the hype given to it by the likes of Neo magazine. It just seemed like stylish nonsense.

What I am trying to say is, I went in blind to this AMV and I would be left guessing at the meaning of the images… I figured I’d cut out after two minutes but this AMV is so brilliantly edited (I’m going to use this word a lot now) that it creates something so brilliantly sharp, brilliantly operatic and brilliantly hilarious – Inglorious Bastard Trailer/Batman theme – and probably bends the images to its own whims whilst reinforcing the themes of the film.

This AMV is an example of flawless editing. Each section has what must be essential characters choreographed brilliantly to a mix of dubstep/remixes of popular tracks that probably captures the movie’s themes.

I know Sephiroth is a bad-ass but seeing his section in the AMV just makes me wonder if I should change my opinion of the game and film.

4 thoughts on “AMV of the Week. Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

  1. Vashdaman

    I don’t usually bother watching AMV’s, nor have I ever given that film much time of day, but that was actually really well made. Only problem is though that it makes you want to watch the movie, and I’m sure all the great editing and well chosen music makes the film look about ten times better than what it actually is.

    1. I agree. The AMV cut out 90% of the movie which could add up to the dull stuff. I hear the film is overblown but considering its source material that is no surprise.

      I love AMV’s myself which is why I have been posting the interesting ones.

  2. Vashdaman

    Yeah the idea of AMV’s are actually quite cool I guess, and I think if I had the time/know how/technology I could make a pretty wicked one. But the only AMV’s I’ve ever really seen have been pretty badly made ones(usually featuring Naruto or bleach) that I have accidently clicked on to while searching Youtube for music, or the usually rubbish ones that are occasionally included as extras on DVD’s.

    So I guess I’ve just trained myself to ignore anything that calls itself an AMV, but if there are more as well made as this one though maybe I should check out what other ones you’ve posted about.

    1. It’s going to take me a while to get to the really good ones but from the ones I’ve mentioned so far look for the Time of Eve (Perils of Making an AMV), Kino’s Journey (Displaying AMVs through Vodpod) and Gainax (Genki AMV Part Deux).

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