Hip Hop and AMVs

This is the start of a mini-thread within a thread that will highlight interesting AMVs that use Hip Hop.

Hip Hop AMVs? Very rarely do I find interesting artists like Blackalicious or CunningLynguists.

The ones I do find stay with me as examples of some of the best AMVs out there. One of the best Hip Hop AMVs I’ve ever seen has been the Handsome Boy Modeling School’s – Holy Calamity (Bear Witness) Part II and Samurai Champloo.

The track is from the rare album (I think) So… How’s Your Girl? by Handsome Boy Modeling School – a dream pairing of Dan the Automator (best known as being part of Gorillaz for non-Hip Hop heads) and Prince Paul (Prince Among Thieves). The track is actually a smash-and-grab cut-up by DJ Shadow that is an example of some of the best DJing in Hip Hop

Samurai Champloo is a very appropriate pairing with this track in the sense that Shinichirō Watanabe (creator of Cowboy Bebop) created a chanbara anime with a Hip Hop spirit. Put simply, the anime focuses on Fuu and two ronin named Mugen and Jin as they search for a samurai who smells like sunflowers. The anime is better than my short description would imply because despite being a set in the Edo era, this is an action packed and funny anime borrowing elements from Hip Hop. For example, the soundtrack is the most explicit thing but it is the visual editing which mimics turntablism and Mugen’s style which is effectively breakdancing.

So a great anime and a great choice of music combine to make an AMV – the music samples rock, funk music to create something new and the anime samples the samurai genre and Hip Hop and modernises it. Anyway, my AMV of the week.

2 thoughts on “Hip Hop and AMVs

  1. Vashdaman

    Ok this one was actually quite good as well. But then again it’s of Samurai Champloo so how can it go wrong, Champloo’s practically just one long glorious AMV it’s self!

    1. AMVs with a Hip Hop soundtrack are generally poor but then so are most with a rawk soundtrack. Holy Calamity is just one of those awesome songs and yeah, Samurai Champloo is just great.

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