Did I Get a Mention on the BBC’s Film 2011

The BBC’s flagship film programme is Film 2011:

A shot of the title for Film 2011

It is a programme I watch religiously (unless I want to avoid certain reviews). Actually, it’s one of the few things I watch on BBC One apart from Doctor Who.

It has undergone a number of changes over the past year. Once it was a show dominated by one critic and his opinion – Barry Norman then Jonathan Ross. Now there is a team of presenters/critics led by Claudia Winkleman and they engage each other and the audience in more of a conversation. 

 Their experience covers a whole gamut of media from films magazines and newspapers to blogs. Claudia Winkleman, who normally presents a spin-off programme about a celebrity dance competition, surprised me because her views on movies are interesting.

Anyway, I like the new format.

They regularly ask for viewers to participate through e-mail and Twitter and for the first time ever I decided to contact the show. Through Twitter. And what do you know, they read my Tweet out.

I think.

Anyway, here’s what they asked people to give an opinion on:

A Tweet from Film 2011

Here’s how I replied:

My Twitter reply: Nic Cage should have been nominated for an Oscar


I was not expecting a response (even though I think that Cage should have been nominated). Anyway, watching Film 2011, Claudia Winkleman read out the Tweets and here’s the one I think was mine (and this is a quote from like 16 minutes into the show):

Claudia: And also, and I totally agree with this, Nic Cage for Bad Lieutenant.

Okay, so she didn’t read out my name but the similarity is striking. Surely it’s my Tweet. Furthermore, she agrees with me, Nic Cage should have been nominated for his performance in Bad Lieutenant.

Why is this a big deal for me? I love films.

Maybe next time she’ll read my name out.


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