The Perils of Making an AMV

Or… When a studio asks you to remove it. So one of the sharpest AMVs (through the link and at the very bottom) I have seen in like… ever, has been removed from YouTube. The studio (Shin-ei Animation) who created Hare+Guu exercised their right to protect their production from freeloaders who haven’t paid for the right to watch the animation. Fair enough.

It’s a move I don’t necessarily agree with.

Five minutes of anime goodness can act as a gateway to a world of fun. An AMV can embody the essence of an anime, it can demonstrate the spirit and uniqueness of the work and hook a viewer. What I’m trying to say is that an AMV can be an advertisement. Sure, you can consider it a spoiler reel as it takes the best bits out of context but I believe it’s the perfect hook. If I swing back to the Hare+Guu AMV from the first paragraph, that was an anime I had heard a lot about but little desire in tracking down. After viewing that AMV, I’m bumping it up on the purchasing list because when I watched that five-minute AMV, I liked what I saw.

AMV of the Week

This AMV captures the soul of the anime, yes the soul… something I keep harping about. I love Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve) and consider it one of the best anime of the decade. It is stuffed full of animated android yet has more humanity than a lot of media output. The music is called Hoppipolla and is by Sigur Ros and by itself, it’s beautiful but for anybody who has watched the anime, it’s the perfect accompaniment. I recommend this anime and this AMV.

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