Displaying AMV’s through Vodpod

So when I started this whole AMV of the week strand I was utilising the interactivity and connectivity of web 2.0 services – you know, display YouTube videos on the blog. I didn’t count on YouTube blocking some of them (those fiends!).

I first noticed it around Christmas when trying to play Silent Hill 2 and Soredemo videos I had embedded in my Winter Music post. Then I forgot about it.

Roll on 2011 and the AMV project and when I wanted to play Kestrel Sempais AMV featuring music by U2, what was the response from the embedded YouTube video? Nada.

Vodpod to the rescue. It was a widget that I had ignored. Now it would come into play by allowing me to display AMVs on the right amidst the clutter of other widgets as well as in blog posts.

The service is easy to use and pretty compulsive in some aspects. It is a plugin that allows members to collect videos and create galleries.

Simply go to YouTube or Vimeo or Daily Motion, find videos you like and start collecting them for your Vodpod video stream by grabbing the embed info and filling in details such as tags and titles. If somebody else has already collected the video you share theirs, if you find a video nobody else has then you claim first discovery. There is a little thrill with every new discovery.

It introduced a videogame element to the service in the case of points which are earned every time a person shares a video you have discovered. You accrue points and get a badge. In reality it’s all pretty meaningless but grows on a user as you get the urge to discover as many new videos as possible and up your points score and earn badges, yay. Ahem…

I considered it as a workaround allowing me to circumvent copyright restrictions. Vodpod is actually more – a video display service with social networking side similar to Twitter. You can “follow” other people who have similar interests to you and when they find videos you get an automatic update.

Myself, I’m quite happy using it to display videos without going all out to discover every AMV out there or socialising. My video stream features a small and select group of videos. It is likely to grow over time but what the hell, creating meta-data is cheap and these AMVs should be publicised.

This post was partially done through the Vodpod website itself. Handy.

AMV of the Week:

I’m almost done watching Kino no Tabi and I love the anime. I mean… LOVE. As in, I’m going to spend money accruing all sorts of stuff connected to it and collecting AMVs. Here’s the first to catch my attention. The perfect anime meets Delerium and Jael’s song Lost and Found.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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