Genki AMV Challenge Conclusion

So I have finished the AMV. That is the second of my New Year’s resolutions completed (start easy and build up, I say). I will reveal it later but for now… I will carry on with this post.

The anime I chose to use was one that made such a (negative) impression on me whilst the song I used was one that fit it perfectly…

Anime: High School of the Dead


Song: Dirt Bike Annie – Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

It seemed so obvious. The song is an infectiously brilliant piece of pop punk, one of the stand-outs from Dirt Bike Annie’s Ellis Island album. The anime was as dumb as nuts but had some good kills in it. The concept of the AMV was simple – remove the genuinely horrible misogyny and endless underwear/boob shots and amp up the zombie kills/kills by zombies per second.

A shot of the editing Time line

For this AMV I would just focus on editing without the need for special effects. I have to admit that the editing misses just as much as it hits. The only place I used an effect was towards the end to slow down a shot of Rei in order to match the music.

I had a little problem with the subs.

Shot of subtitles
Listen to him!

Doesn’t look good, right? There was really no way of getting rid of them without using some trickery that would ruin the rest of the image. I could use the special effects to Ease In and Out at the same time, this cuts out the subtitles but makes the rest of the video blurred. That said, I like the fact that some of the subtitles match up with the music.

An image of subtitles in the AMV

Anyway, it’s not bad. I wish I could have thought about a good editing name but what the heck… I quite like the AMV. Here it is at 2 minutes and 49 seconds. Hope you enjoy:

AMV of the Week – Caught be Surprise

Yeah, go from my amateurish efforts to something really good and you can see the gulf in quality with regard to the editing. The anime is Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu. It is one I have yet to watch but have heard a lot about. The AMV highlights the strangeness of it (from what I have heard) and makes me think I would like the anime a lot. The song? It is a scuzzy masterpiece – never heard of the artists before. It was a recent and rather random find and one that I’m sharing with you.

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