Genki AMV Challenge Part Deux

Upon telling a friend about my AMV challenge, she remarked: “It should be easy. You can throw something together.”

I smiled and set my coffee down. “Ah yes, but you see, I am very busy. And lackadaisical. Plus I want to drag this out for a few posts,” I replied nonchalantly and, if my memory serves me correctly, I proceeded to dazzle her with my conversational skills).

That was how the conversation went in my mind, anyway.  So this is an update post about my AMV which details the foundations of the AMV and drags things out:

Software: Windows Movie Maker. It is an easy to use application with a wide variety of tools. Not the most powerful video editing application on the market but suitable for my needs. The main work will be editing various sources on the time line.

Time Line in Video Editor

Which leads me to the next point…

What about audio and visual sources?

Getting them is relatively easy, deciding on what to use is hard. I restricted myself to anime I had watched within the last few months.

I took the same approach to MP3’s, restricting myself to ones that I have purchased recently.

After creating a folder to hold all of the files in I imported them into Movie Maker.

Import Section of Video Editor

Choosing a song was hard to do. My brain kept fizzing with ideas: what about Arakawa Under the Bridge with Fine Young Cannibal’s She Drives Me Crazy?

A quick listen to the track and I found that the lyrics did not fit.

What about High School of the Dead with She Drives Me Crazy?

Maybe. I guess that could work to describe the sadomasochistic relationship between Takashi and Rei.

I racked my brains for a song that would be easy to use… Then a catchy song surfaced. More on that during the next post ;).

AMV of the Week:

Children of Daicon

Nostalgia, pure and simple. I’m no fan of ELO but I like this song (it fits so well) and I recognise at least half of these anime as the author crafts a timeline linking the past and present of all of Gainax’s output. It left me damn near emotional.

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