Genki AMV Challenge

Hello 2011 and my first post of the year is one shot through with nostalgia for things a decade old as well as setting out one ambition for the new year – make an AMV.

Anyway, most people who watch anime will have watched an AMV. For those not in the know, AMV stands for:

Anime    Music    Video

A quick definition would be: fan-made creations that take clips from anime and synchronise them to music.

I love AMV’s. I have watched them since at least 2oo1 when I first stumbled upon Kestrel Sempai’s collection. Through intelligent editing of images, she crafted videos that gracefully fit the music and were fun. Here’s one first created in 2000. You can either view the AMV through YouTube or through the VodPod video on the right:

You can find more excellent AMVs on her site, all of them manage to be thoughtful and capture the spirit of the anime and have remained firm favourites of mine as well as an inspiration…

Inpiring enough to make me try my hand at making one one and I found it to be like some enjoyable logic puzzle, crafting visual elements that fit together with music to enhance or highlight the fundamental nature of a subject.

Well this year I have decided to do more to get involved including making one myself and putting up a post every Thursday to mark both my progress and my favourite AMV of the week (displayed in the vodpod widget on the right).

Things have moved on since 2001 when I first started watching AMVs. These days there are many different competitions world wide and many different people posting psychedelic visual meltdowns which stand as a testament to the skill of the creators and the power of video editing software available. Tough competition. This thread should help to keep track of them and myself for anybody who is interested (let us pretend you care).

Anyway, the first AMV in this thread of posts for 2011, is Elevation by Kestrel Sempai, which is a pretty awesome way to kick off this adventure.

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