2010: A Retrospective

A quick look back at what caught my eye over the previous year. This post allows me to wish everybody a Happy New Year.

Famous People I Met

Two of the actors from The Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who himself!


Best New Discovery in Books Richard Morgan.

I have read three of his books- Market Forces, The Steel Remains, Broken Angels. I finished them in a couple of days, each was thrilling and entertaining. He has a new book out next year and he is writing the script for Crysis 2 – also out next year and the first good script for a videogame since The Curse of Monkey Island.


    Manga Discovery: Biomega and Yotsuba& – The end of the world blues and a cheerful slice of life. 

Favourite Album – Arcade Fire – The Suburbs – Every track was brilliant. Stand outs for me were:

One of my new year’s resolutions is to see these guys live (because I missed them a couple of weeks back and my heart has yet to recover).


 Favourite FilmInception – Here’s a review written in the heat of the moment


 Images that Hint at Greatness:

This year it was Inception (and I have yet to open my Limited Edition Collectors Case.


Awesome scene from my favourite film
  Next year it is:   
Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright join forces!
Shouldn't it be Miles Edgeworth and Professor Layton?
  Next year Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright team-up – either brilliance or disappointment. We’ll find out in 2011.

Last Image I Will View in 2010:

I'm going to bring in the new year by watching Noein tonight


Hotori Arashiyama
Hotori Arashiyama

It appealed to my cheerful sunny side.


Finally Finished Watching: Time of Eve (and wept tears of joy like a sissy).

Probably one of the best anime ever.

 Favourite Videogame: Silent Hill 2. I must be sick or have good taste.



 Happy New Year to you all! Thanks for reading.



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