Scary Manga for Christmas

Christmas is coming and along with the festive cheer it is also a time for ghost stories. At least in Britain it is. Usually this means short stories by Charles Dickens and M.R. James. This got me thinking… When was the last time you were scared by a short story… or more specifically, manga?

Me? Never. I tend to read manga for humour – Welcome to the NHK/Excel Saga – or sci-fi action – Pluto/King of Thorns. I have read a lot of supernatural manga such as Claymore, Buso Renkin and Tsukihime and found them bland (apologies to anyone offended) so I have come to dismiss the medium in terms of scares… which is why I have been caught off guard by two recent reads – Biomega and Zashiki Onna. I just have to recommend them.

Biomega – Tsutomu Nihei

The N5S virus has swept across the Earth turning people into Zombies. Zoichi Kanoe is a synthetic human and agent of Toa Heavy Industries looking for a girl with the power to alter the virus. He rides into the city of 9JO on a motorcycle with built in AI named Fuyu only to encounter zombies and rivals also looking for the girl.

A Picture from the Manga, Biomega.

This is a bleak look at the future. The city and its architecture are very disturbing and labyrinthine. There is a lack of symmetry in the buildings and the spaces are all cramped and dark, cluttered with detritus and shadows. When spaces do open up, when you can see into the distance, what you get are post-industrial Escher nightmares stretching off into infinity – humanity created a hellish modernity for itself before the zombies showed up.

Tsutomu Nihei uses dense and dark imagery that imbues the settings with a disturbing quality which reflects upon the zombies. These walkers are genuinely chilling to look at, the human form bearing enough history from their past lives to make them individual but the disease distorting them physically. Seeing them in groups is just as unsettling.

The plot doesn’t give much away until it’s ready. Like Zoichi, we are venturing into this hell and discovering things at his pace. I found it very atmospheric and chilling. Reading this at night by the light of a small lamp across the room I felt a chilling physical and emotional response.

Zashiki Onna – Minetaro Mochizuki

Picture from the manga Zashiki Onna

College kid Hiroshi is living a relatively normal life, working a part time job, romancing a high-school girl and living alone in an apartment. One night he hears somebody banging a neighbour’s door and shouting. The knocking continues for a while but the neighbour isn’t in and Hiroshi wants to get some sleep so he goes outside. What greets him is a thin, tall bedraggled woman with torn, dirty clothes, messy hair. Bottom line: she’s disturbing. She sees him. So starts their ‘relationship’.

The manga goes from normal to chilling to absolutely deranged. What at first seems like a very realistic portrayal of stalking goes seriously off the rails into the psychological horror alley and then into the realm of the urban legend.

Japanese horror films have long since me primed for suspicion whenever a girl with Zashiki Onnaloooong hair pops up but at points I felt sorry for the poor woman. I believed in the characters and even if their actions weren’t totally believable I still found myself gritting my teeth at the creepiness, grinning with glee at the lunacy and crying out: 



All without feeling the slightest bit of self-consciousness. Hell, I’m not embarrassed to admit it because I enjoyed the manga. Track it down if you can!

10 thoughts on “Scary Manga for Christmas

  1. Goodnight Punpun, it was a totally random choice, the first one i could get my hand on. I do enjoy slice of life so I’m starting to really like it.right now i’m searching for a good copy of Zashiki Onna

    1. I’ve never heard of that one. I tend to avoid slice of life stories (apart from Yotsuba which is awesome) and go for supernatural/psychological horror and action. I’ll have to check out Punpun.

  2. Have you read Hellsing? It might be more up your alley, I watched the Hellsing Ultimate ova and I love it, so that manga is one my list too. But now I’m starting Zashiki, I couldn’t find it, so I’m reading it online.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I know of Hellsing and I hear nothing but good things. I’ve got a pile of manga to get through – Monster, Pluto, Phoenix Wright. I hope you enjoy Zashiki Onna. Let me know what you think of it.

      1. Monster is the only one I heard about, that one I’d like to read it too. About Zashiki, I hated the artwork, but the story itself made up for the shortcomings of the art, and it was suspenseful one, all in all a good read. so thank you

  3. Luca

    Hope it’s not too late to comment on a post from more than a year ago.

    A preamble: I’ve just stumbled across your blog during a googling spree I went on for a Japanese assignment. I’m quickly browsing your posts and I see there’s plenty to read about here, I’ll definitely be back to go through some posts in detail!

    As for horror manga, I’ve never heard of Biomega and Zashiki Onna, but I’ll check them out. If you’re into creepy, disquieting manga, I might recommend Ito Junji’s work in return (most notably Uzumaki).

    1. It’s never too late! Glad to see I persuaded somebody to try out these manga. Tsutomu Nihei’s Biomega is a favourite of mine and I highly recommend it. If you like it you should try out Abara which is also similarly grisly, cool and apocalyptic.

      I’ve read Jnji Ito’s works and they do unnerve me. I’ve read and watched Uzumaki and enjoyed them. Definitely icky! Gyo is another favourite. His humour really cracks me up as well.

      I’m reading I Am a Hero at the moment and it’s pretty enjoyable. The “creatures” (don’t want to give anything away) are definitely unnerving.

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