Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Maid

I hate moe. So if, say last month, you told me that I would be enjoying anime involving moe and maids, I probably would have punched you for insinuating that I enjoy all manner of near-pervy images that moe and maids conjure up in a Google search.

Yet here I am about to sing the praises of:

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru.

I wish my maid was as cool as her.

Soredemo is a gorgeously animated, adventurous slice of life anime replete with relentless upbeat humour and a lead character and supporting cast I really liked.

The fact that it is set in a maid café with characters in traditional English-maid outfits is not that interesting on the surface…

Yes, the main character Hotori works with her friend Tatsuno in a maid café but this is an entirely odd, down-at heel maid café that their boss, Granny (or should that be Granddad), runs in an off-hand manner. This leads to satirical stories and situations about maid cafes like serving customers and promoting the place but thankfully there is more to Soredemo than the coffee!

This anime explodes with humour, daring editing and camera angles and stylistic gear shifts as well as a likeable supporting cast and an insight into the lives of the girls to keep the entertainment flowing.

Most importantly… I’ll admit it… I really like the lead:

Hotori Arashiyama
Hotori Arashiyama

She is a bumbling good-natured school-girl with a crush on her maths teacher. Now the words “school-girl with a crush on maths teacher” would have me heading for the door at the possibility of something sickeningly sweet or just sickeningly illegal.

Thankfully, the teacher, Moriaki, has not and probably never will reciprocate her feelings. Indeed, he seems oblivious to them and more determined to teach her maths or crush her at all costs. He actually regards her as his natural enemy and I find it terribly amusing seeing the pain her poor math skills inflict upon him.

Whether it’s Hotori’s bumbling nature, her weird utterances and non sequiturs and the way they sound (hats off to voice actress, Chiaki Omigawa) or the moments when her mind completely derails, what we get is her unique take on life and her dream:

Hotori wearing a deer-stalker hat.
She's so cute... What the hell is wrong with me?

 Moriaki undercuts her statement with the reply:

Dialogue usually flows like this providing a lot of laughs but I found it charming that she has the dream of being a detective and that it is a major part of some of the episodes. It gives her more likeable character traits than any of the girls in the previous anime I have mentioned on this blog. I enjoy watching Hotori use logic and blue sky thinking fit for Professor Layton to solve some of the puzzles thus frustrating her teacher but demonstrating she is more than an air-head/doll and providing some genuine humour.

Oh yeah… It also has a cool end theme.

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