Alternative Genki Christmas Music

The Japanese almanac says winter begins on the 8th of November, called Ritto (Beginning of Winter) and the first snow falls around the 22nd, Shosetsu (Little Snow). Now that bit of education is over, here are some Genki Winter songs!

It’s Christmas and all over the globe, terrible music will be blaring out of speakers in public places and private residences. I am no fan of Christmas songs so here is my alternative December Soundtrack.

01st December – I was taken aback seeing RZA in Due Date last night. Anyway, it’s snowing already and this is music to drive you as you trudge through it.

RZA – Biochemical Equation

02nd December

Kings of Convenience – Quiet is the new Loud

03rd December – The first of many entries by Wild Nothing. I really like his album.

Wild Nothing – My Angel Lonely

04th December

Warcloud – The Persistence of Memory

05th December

Hooverphonic – Battersea

06th December

MF Doom – Yellow Dock

07th December

MF Doom – Passion Flower

08th December

Boy Robot – Live in Vanilla

09th December

Hooverphonic – One Way Ride

10th December

Wild Nothing – O, Lilac

11th December

Boy Robot – We Accept All Our Parents Credit Cards

12th December

Wild Nothing – Chinatown

13th December

Masashi Hamauzu – Final Fantasy XIII – Blinded By Light

14th December

Dave Wise Donkey Kong Country Ice Cave Chant

15th December – today is the last day for posting in the UK and now we wait for our packages and presents.

Arcade Fire – We Used to Wait

16th December

Arcade Fire – Rococo

17th December

Sega Sonic Unleashed: Holoska Night

18th December

Wild Nothing – Live in Dreams

19th December

MF Doom – Mugwort

20th December

Dave Wise – Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong-Quest – In a Snow Bound Land

21st December

Yojou-han – Shinwa Taikai (The Tatami Galaxy)

22nd December

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – White Corolla

23rd December  – Happy Birthday to the Emperor of Japan.

David Sylvian – For the Love of Life

24th December

Monster Anime – Before You go to Sleep

25th December

Nostromo – Binary Overdrive (Sugar Jesus – Get A Hold Of Yourself)

26th December  Have fun with your presents and… be… merry and stuff.

Maaya Sakamoto – Downtown

27th December

MAIDS – Meizu Sanjou!

28th December

Round Table featuring Nino – Planet Survival Sunny Side Hill Ending

29th December

Kenji Kawai – Sky Crawler’s End Theme

30th December

Akira Yamaoka – Silent Hill 2 – Laura Plays the Piano

31st December

Arcade Fire – No Cars Go

01st January 2011

Nirgilis – Tetsuwan Birdy Decode 02 Opening Theme

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