Resident Evil Afterlife in 3D

This review is pretty easy to write. The film is fun and has a snappy pace and any fan of this cross-platform franchise will be entertained by the action.

The fourth entry in the movie franchise sees the return of Paul W.S. Anderson director of the first two and the use of monsters and imagery from Resident Evil 4 and 5.

Alice and her clones track down Wesker to Umbrella Corporation’s Tokyo headquarter for an explosive battle. Barely surviving that and deprived of her powers she travels down the west coast of America to locate other survivors, linking up with Claire Redfield in Alaska then finding herself besieged by zombies in a Californian prison with another group of survivors and her escape options running out fast.

The story is hardly going to trouble anybody and you can probably guess where it is going and who is going to do what.

We’re not here for the story (which is serviceable) or the character development (also serviceable) but the action which comes in 3D (which is pretty good). The set-pieces and boss-battles are exciting and contain enough flying bits of debris, rattling guns and spinning bodies and sunglasses to make the 90 minutes all the more exciting.

Even in quiet moments the 3D works well (better than a lot of other 3D films) as computer consoles, shattered glass, bodies and grass stick out and you get a sense of depth from each shot.

The acting is suitably solid and let’s face it, us nerds are never going to complain about seeing Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter battling monsters in 3D. For game fans,we finally see Chris Redfield (Nice of him to show up after three films) portrayed by Wentworth Miller  who does his best Jensen Eckles impression.

Seriously, if you’re at a loss as to what to watch at the cinema and you don’t mind popcorn action just drop in and watch this. This film excels at being a great B-movie and probably the best entry in the series.

One thought on “Resident Evil Afterlife in 3D

  1. clairewatkinson

    I agree graphic wise its the best in the series, as the 3d was amazing. I couldn’t get enough of it, however, being a massive Resident Evil fan I feel like more could have been spent on the plot, but it does mean more Resident Evil films! 🙂

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