It’s easy to attribute the Bourne films to Bush-era America, what with their paranoid conspiracies of government agencies running amok and sacrificing American soldiers to pursue shady aims in illegal intelligence-wars.

Salt poses a question that could come from a Tea Party conspiracy-nut. Are there double agents in the fabric of American society ready to wreak havoc? Recent events say possibly. It also poses a question I’ve never thought about; to wit, is the incredibly beautiful Angelina Jolie as a blonde still the incredibly beautiful Angelina Jolie or will I buy her performance in what was once a male action lead?

Angelina Jolie as SaltEvelyn Salt is in a North Korean prison charged with being an American spy and tortured. Her husband orchestrates her release by heading a public campaign that pressures her CIA boss. Two years later, a former FSB agent accuses Salt of being a sleeper-agent who will assassinate the visiting Russian President. Counter-intelligence agent Peabody wants Salt in custody but she’s more concerned with her husband’s safety forcing her to go on the run.

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