Durarara UK Release Details Confirmed


An update to an earlier post about the release of Durarara!1

It has been confirmed at Amecon2010 that Beez will release it in the UK in three instalments (containing 8-9 episodes) as a sub only release priced at £24.99.


The first will be out in October. There will be an upgrade to a dub release later which will use the American release. There will also be an upgrade scheme planned for people, how that works has yet to be confirmed.

This release will put us ahead of the Americans while they wait for Aniplex to do their dub although the cast has been announced for that.

As far as the dubs go, liking dubs is subjective. Beez releases a lot of anime sub only in Europe. You could also argue that Durarara! is one anime that could live without it since it’s set in Japan with a predominantly Japanese cast and only a few gaijin (who are trying to speak Japanese anyway) so it’s down to personal taste.




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