The Greatest Videogame Adaptation of a Movie

Sometimes games manage to capture the film: Halo (Aliens), Grand Theft Auto (crime films from the 1980’s onwards). For my money, the best so far has to be a game inspired by Alien: Super Metroid.

Samus Aran

Super Metroid features so many superficial elements that make it similar to Alien – a tough leading woman (central protagonist and pioneering female hero in a genre with so few) battling disturbing insect like creatures with elements of body horror set amidst decrepit corridors. Lots of other games have the superficial elements but what makes Super Metroid a superior example is that the game truly nails is the atmosphere.

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Inception – Film of the Year

A scene from Christopher Nolan's Inception released by Warner Brothers
Living the dream

You will find me repeating myself in this review. It’s because I love this film. Sorry A Prophet, I’ve been wooed away by something so imaginative and intelligent, which treats its audience like adults with brains. If you haven’t seen it, do so before reading anything about it. Even this review. You are excused.

The film begins on a beach. Amidst the crashing waves of the surf lies an unconscious thief or ‘extractor’ named Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio). He is taken to an aged Japanese man who recognises him from his past. So begins a labyrinthine and elegantly unfolding plot that is a cross between Oceans 11 and Memento. It is an intellectual heist movie crossed with the most exciting of James Bond set-pieces.

A scene from Christopher Nolan's Inception released by Warner Brothers
One of the most impressive films I've ever seen

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My New Favourite Website

I’m busy waiting for Inception this week but to pass the time I’ve found my new favourite website:

Indiemovies Online

This isn’t a puff-piece. I’ve known about this UK based website for a few months thanks to an advert in Sight and Sound but it was only on Wednesday 7th July that I actually looked at it in depth. I’m glad I did.

This is a well made, well stocked movie website and I’ve already spent a fair few hours watching films. It was advertised in Sight and Sound so it must be high quality.

Let me give you the highlights:

  • legitimate free movies from many genres from sci-fi to family to thriller and animation;
  • a plethora of films from around the world – from America to France to Japan;
  • up to date news, reviews, features and a forum to sound-off in.

 The selection of films is excellent. These are titles that Sight and Sound examine in their DVD reviews which might catch my interest but not get purchased or left on a ever-expanding, never-decreasing ‘to-get’ list. Let me give you a selection of films that caught my eye:

  • Sally Potter’s Rage
  • I Served the King of England
  • The Dream Life of Angels
  • Funny Ha Ha
  • Distant Voices Still Lives
  • King of New York
  • Rembrandt’s J’accuse

They even have a J-Horror season(!!!) which includes:

Ju-On Black/White Ghost, Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

It sounds too good to be true. As far as I can tell there is no charge and there are no surveys. You don’t have to sign up to watch the films either. There are adverts but the quality of the films are excellent and these films are the real deal so the makers must be seeing money back which is always a good thing.

I’ve already watched most of this week’s J-horror and intend to watch more so I must dash!

I highly recommend this website!