What Now, Doctor?

What can I say about the penultimate episode of season 5’s Doctor Who that hasn’t already been said? I can’t add anything new, that’s for sure since the rivers of approving fandom have already generated enough positive energy to power a planet full of giant Care Bears.

A shot from the BBC's Doctor Who
Under-henge Anybody?

My initial reaction was:

Holy smokes! I mean… Did anybody else just see that episode of Doctor Who?

It was incredible and it had all the best elements that television should have:

Body horror, comedy, aliens, violence, Romans (their armour is very heavy, I can tell you) cute red-headed Scottish girls and a bloomin reversal I didn’t see coming.

The beginning of this series was dodgy but it gathered strength and after episode 4, never looked back. Weeping Angels, Van Gogh, Vampires in Venice, all of it gathered steam and left behind clues. Now the clues have been collected for the last two episodes and join up rather more neatly than previous seasons.

It is by far the smartest thing on television when Simon Schama, Stephen Fry, Adam Curtis and Jonathan Meades aren’t on and I can’t wait for the next episode!

Perhaps I can and should add a little extra: Steven Moffat has made this series a genuine must see event and the finale should be astonishing on the evidence so far.

One last thing to add – after Pandora opens the box and evil escapes, all that is left is hope.

Now we have one of the most perfectly constructed cliff-hangers ever and seven days to wait to see the result. I can’t wait.

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