Fun Flash Games: Fly Hard

Another Flash game, I hear you cry. Yes but this one is not side-scrolling like the other games mentioned but vertically scrolling.

A shot from the game, Fly Hard

The Earth is under-threat from a giant meteorite. You control a home-made rocket that shoots up into space to meet the threat of said meteorite.

Actually, you’ll spend most of your time trying to get your rocket as high as possible and levelling up/adding new parts to your rocket to increase the distance. At your disposal are a variety of upgrades like multi-stage rockets, different launch pads and extra fuel that the levelling system opens up.

The levelling system is based on the amount of jewels you collect during your flights. As you try to escape the Earth’s atmosphere, you will dodge aeroplanes, helicopters, UFO’s and try to hit boosts whilst collecting extra fuel and jewels to increase your bank-balance in order to buy extra rocket-parts that allows you to go even higher.

I saved the world in fourteen days, can you?

The visual style is cute and the pop-punk make it even more entertaining and a fun way to spend a stray fifteen minutes.

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