Wandering through the Moe Apocalypse

I got into another online “discussion” about moe. A lot of people consider the world of moe as the anime equivalent of Shangri-La populated with cute (read: useless) people we should feel protective over. Sora no Woto was a chance for me to re-evaluate my opinion. I still can’t stand the feeling/aesthetic. I find it emotionally backward and I don’t want to visit the land of Sora no Woto ever again. Ever.

A shot of Kanata from Sora no Woto

I’m probably missing the point about moe but then a lot of people don’t quite get the point of every nation on earth having nuclear weapons being a bad thing. Just because they exist and others have it, doesn’t mean they are good. Something anybody engaging in moe should keep in mind.

Anyway, I valiantly tried to push through the moe-apocalypse that was Sora no Woto, a stoic grin plastered on my face as I sat amidst the awfulness and destruction of culture and humanity like a Londoner enduring the blitz but episode 8 pushed me over the edge.

It was an entire episode structured around Kanata being torn between waiting for a routine phone call and going to the toilet. Presumably moe-fans think this is high-comedy: ‘Will she wet herself? She does.’ Kyaaah she screams. ‘Ho ho ho,’ the audience affectionately chuckle as a girl soils herself in front of her comrades, probably one of the most mortifying things to happen to a person next to appearing naked in the middle of a school test or being caught watching Sex and the City 2.

So why did I stick with it? Half of the fun was trying to see it as profound and the anticipation that Sora no Woto would descend into apocalyptic mayhem and these soulless moe-archetypes would get blown the hell up. The original crew of the tank did (sans the irritating mother-figure/platoon leader) so it was possible it would happen again like a recurring bout of syphilis only marginally more exciting to endure.

For those of us more interested in the spider-robots and less interested in the people, it was the least we deserved for hanging in through watching people baby-sit the gormless, useless young recruits. We hardy audience members, like post-apocalyptic desert dwellers having survived destruction deserved our blood-lust being sated by a brutal spectator-sport where men prove themselves in a gladiatorial arena full of giant scorpions and badly dressed cannibals presided over by Tina Turner.

Before the fan-boys come running with burning torches let me just state that Sora no Woto is by no means entirely bad, it’s well animated. However it is atrociously dull and with moe’s unrealistic (and offensive) female characterisation it points to the emotional-backwardness of an audience that can’t deal with strong women. Give me Revy and Motoko Kusanagi any day.

I can check the casualty lists to see who survived the show or watch a later episode but considering the time was always half-past kyaaaah! whenever I visited the girls I just dropped it and turned to Durarara!!

An image from the anime Sora no Woto

2 thoughts on “Wandering through the Moe Apocalypse

  1. stuart

    From what I have heard no-one dies in the end, the war ends just before one of them has a chance to receive a bullet between the eyes.

    It’s a shame, and until you read your blog I was considering buying it next year but now I feel I’d be as well to just throw my money into the bin.

    (may buy it anyway, just so I have my own opinion on it but meh)

    1. I gave it a chance. I guess I despise moe more than I thought, but when you are time-starved and of reasonable intelligence, wasting a single moment on it felt like a crime when there are other things to watch.

      Thanks for the update!

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