Doctor Who – Big Bang

A quick post just to say how much I appreciated the season 5 finale of Doctor Who.

The ending was satisfying. Russell T. Davies was a genius in bringing it back and making it relevant but his season finales never satisfied me because they felt too epic and as a result they weren’t as tight as could be because too many elements were thrown in. This finale was brilliant because it was a tight, focussed story on time travel and was less reliant on increasingly outrageous twists.

Steven Moffat proves has the skill and the bravery to jump into different points along a characters time-line and join all of the elements together. All of the jumps in time were executed perfectly. This is typical Moffat but he has perfected it. Every part of the series so far has been expertly used.

Out of all the seasons of Doctor Who, 5 has to be my favourite as it has the comedy, the gothic horror, the sci-fi and the emotions. It had so many memorable elements and episodes – Van Gogh, the Weeping Angels, the Dream Master.

Furthermore, the assistants were enjoyable. The relationship between the Doctor, Amy and Rory as well as River Song powered the series and gave it a strong emotional core on top of the good ideas. Oh yeah, Matt Smith IS the Doctor.

The technology was crazy, the comedy was bang on, the emotions were there, plus there were killer lines:

Potential Spoilers



“I’ve got a future, that’s nice.”

“Hello universe goodbye doctor.”

“The footprints of the never-were.”

 Plus the fez was a good look.

 Goodbye fez.

What Now, Doctor?

What can I say about the penultimate episode of season 5’s Doctor Who that hasn’t already been said? I can’t add anything new, that’s for sure since the rivers of approving fandom have already generated enough positive energy to power a planet full of giant Care Bears.

A shot from the BBC's Doctor Who
Under-henge Anybody?

My initial reaction was:

Holy smokes! I mean… Did anybody else just see that episode of Doctor Who?

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4 Girls. 3 Days. 2 Cities. 1 Chance. And a hell of a lot of coincidences.

This film has a lot of elements that would irritate me beyond reason:

  1. Garage music dominating the soundtrack,
  2. Needlessly mouthy and over-aggressive girls and boys and,
  3. Pointless excessive scenes of lesbianism and girls in underwear just for the hell of it (I am a po-faced, pretentious serious person and prefer stylised violence).

 Did I hate it?

 I liked it. I liked it purely because it was entertaining. Yes it is derivative and far-fetched and full of clichés but it has genuinely surreal moments, great performances and pop-culture references (Lara Croft really does beat the boys).

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Nosferatu the Vampyre

This isn’t the literal translation of the book. This is European. The dialogue about death and insanity are pure Herzog as he uses the characters to explore the themes of gothic horror like the battle between progress and the past and ideas of faith and time as opposed to shape-shifting antics. The triumph of madness and the raising of sex over science as the solution subverting the book. Less ersatz-gothic, more the real thing that evokes existential as well as physical horror.

Worst Reading Group Ever.

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Wandering through the Moe Apocalypse

I got into another online “discussion” about moe. A lot of people consider the world of moe as the anime equivalent of Shangri-La populated with cute (read: useless) people we should feel protective over. Sora no Woto was a chance for me to re-evaluate my opinion. I still can’t stand the feeling/aesthetic. I find it emotionally backward and I don’t want to visit the land of Sora no Woto ever again. Ever.

A shot of Kanata from Sora no Woto

I’m probably missing the point about moe but then a lot of people don’t quite get the point of every nation on earth having nuclear weapons being a bad thing. Just because they exist and others have it, doesn’t mean they are good. Something anybody engaging in moe should keep in mind.

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