Durarara getting a UK Release

Beez Entertainment announced they will release Durarara!! at London MCM Expo’s anime panel. Durarara!! is going have English subtitles only which is fine because I love the show and that is how I’ve been following it on Crunchyroll.  

An image from Durarara  

If I had to describe Durarara it would be mostly lackadaisical with bursts of lunacy.  

It captures both the idea that there is something out there much more interesting than the day-to-day routine, a dark and exciting side of life beyond home and school and our struggle to carve out a niche.  

Taking place in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo it follows student, Ryuugamine Mikado, who is excited at his move to Tokyo and finds that life really does have its dark side as he swims amidst friends, gangs and some strange and terrifying individuals. 

He is the straight man archetype/wet blanket who is there to show the contrast between normality and the strangeness of the district. He (and by extension the audience) is introduced to the night life in Ikebukuro where everything is vividly drawn in neon or shadows, an area brought to life through interesting colours and designs.  

The populace of the area are split between the crowds unconnected to the main character (they are literally grey) and colourful secondary characters. It is these characters that are the draw – gyaru girls, people traffickers, gaijin, genetic experiments and otaku.

A line-up of characters from Durarara!!


The constant stream of characters kept my attention as they were all interesting.

The building of mythology, switching between the numerous characters and different perspectives on events, time lapses and the outbursts of lunatic violence were gratifying as it brought lightness and comedy and gave this anime a madcap feeling masking plot slow-down.

The amount of characters echoes another Studio Gonzo anime, Baccano (soon to be released by Manga), in so much that it flits between vaguely fleshed sets of characters building them up along with a narrative that will involve them all. Durarara!! and Baccanno  share the same writer, director, studio and composer (cool jazz) which explained the similar vibe.


Overall, the show has a loose edge compared to the manic Baccano. What feels like vignettes loosely connected and recitations of history comes together to lock down the wandering narrative threads into something more interesting than the rest of the shows Crunchyroll have on offer. Which means this is one show I’ll support by purchasing!





Update: 24/08/10


in the UK in three instalments (containing 8-9 episodes) as a sub only release priced at £24.99.  

The first will be out in October. There will be an upgrade to a dub release later which will use the American release. There will also be an upgrade scheme planned for people, how that works has yet to be confirmed.


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