Kanji Gold

A shot of Kanji Gold in action


This downloadable 2MB freeware flash card program written by Dr. Denton Hewgill features a comprehensive and flexible testing system. There are a large amount of Kanji and testing options to stretch the user with different grades.

After a title page, it launches into a multiple-choice test with a list of possible answers (in grey) and a list of compounds (in blue) of the Kanji in use, are at the bottom to provide clues. Button between the answers and the examples can turn on or off hiragana, compounds and switch the examples from English to Japanese.

It flows easily through Kanji and the user interface is familiar with a lot of options aligned at the top on a menu bar. There are different types of Kanji tests like Pop Kanji which activates two new windows that cycle through the Kanji and Kun/On-Yomi and English meaning. Even the vocab dictionary tests a users reading/logic skills.

One of the many tests from Kanji Gold

In all of the testing options, the Kanji are large and easy to see and their meanings/interpretations with furigana and translation are constantly displayed. There are a plethora of options that can control the minutiae of the testing making this one of the best Kanji testing applications available.

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