A Very British Political Crisis Resolved: David Cameron is Prime Minister

How do you know this is a British political crisis? Because there are well-practiced procedures and precedents whilst discussions take place. Any other country and there would be angry protestors, violence and running gun-battles with troops on the street. Now, it is at an end and Gordon Brown has resigned.

After digesting the news that Gordon has resigned as Prime minister and leader of the Labour Party, I can only admire the guts of a man long vilified by the press. The chances of him remaining Prime minister were incredibly slim but to be able to turn down a job as important as this for the sake of economic stability whilst being pilloried by increasingly ignorant and indignant press takes bravery.

Labour should go into opposition and let the Tories with or without Liberal Democrat support, make the swingeing cuts in the (admittedly over-grown) public sector that have been long promised.

As the possibility of falling into another recession is very real with the Tory government and the fact their policies mean economic hard-ship means that tough times are ahead for all. To be fair, any other party would face the same problem and Labour could never legitimately rule the country especially with the press on the rampage.

Goodbye Gordon, you were a much better Prime Minister than the press ever gave you credit for. I admire your dignity and intelligence and the way you resigned.

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