Doctor Who is Officially Back

Well it took four episodes but we finally have our first Brilliant Doctor Who Series 5 Episode: The Time of Angels.

I’m not going to mention anything with regard to plot details but the directing, writing and acting were superior to the last three episodes.

Doctor Who Picture
He just watched the last episode.

Stephen Moffat wrote the episode. Now I understand that not every episode can be Blink or The Girl in the Fireplace but the quality had dipped after a decent start. What the last few episodes seemed to suffer was an over-abundance of genuinely good ideas that were crammed into 45 minutes of panic where events pile up one after the other all screaming AND ME AND ME while waving their arms furiously.
Standard state of affairs you may say, but when you are left open-mouthed at solutions that come from left-field because they haven’t been signalled or just don’t make sense, something isn’t working. Too many ideas and too little explanation or forewarning.
Cometh the hour… 45 minutes in this case, Cometh the episode.

We have a two parter written by Moffat, so things are layered onto each other allowing things to cohere, actions to make sense and the story to excel. As a result the atmosphere was improved as things were given time to settle, build up and make sense. It was creepy, action packed and imaginative. Most importantly, it was able to make use of a brilliant script packed full of good ideas.

Now the Doctor and his companions can act and the set can impress.

Another picture from Doctor Who
Making the most of some brilliant material

More of this, please!

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