Another Random Politician/Famous Person

Continuing random encounters with people who are important/famous (so far this year, Doctor Who and his assistant and Peter Hain MP) – I saw Ken Clarke today. Ken Clarke as in the Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. He sounded nice and looked affable but I passed up the chance to speak to him because I wanted dinner and despise the hypocritical Tories.

Ken Clarke MP
Ken Clarke Tory MP

If the Tories had him as Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, then I might take them seriously.  He has recession experience. He nursed the counrty out of the last (Tory-caused, youth unemployment, gap between rich and poor and general poverty increasing) recession. He seems to be the only credible person in the Tory party.

Actually, I think Ken Clarke is a rather reasonable chap – he listens to Jazz and is pro-Europe. Shame about the rest of the party being right-wing lunatics divorced from the real world and stuck with delusions of Empire and Britain’s place in the world.

Picture comes from the BBC.

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