Totally Addictive Flash Games- Fig. 8.

Whenever I hear an accordion I feel French. I can’t explain it but I just do. I never saw or heard one while in the country but that’s the power of stereotyping. Anyway, here’s a Flash game where you are a bike fleeing the left side of the screen and the closest I’ll ever get to being French without having to go back to the place.


Fig.8 Screenshot
Sir Norman Foster's Favourite Game

This is another Flash game which features the screen moving inexorably forward whilst your avatar tries to rack up points and avoid obstacles. Just like Robot Unicorn and Canabalt it has striking visual presentation: it’s literally from the pages of an architectural text book.

Architectural text book from hell that is, as each line of the illustrations and text are the obstacles and they begin to mount up in terms of number and complexity creating a veritable suburb you have to navigate.

To score, both the front and back wheels must maintain a straight line and to save at checkpoints you must circle them. There’s always the trade-off between maintaining the bike’s forward movement to prevent being swallowed up by the the left hand side of the screen and scoring points by maintaining a straight line and increasing the points multiplier.

To any non-gamers reading this, the left side of the screen is always an object of terror and must be escaped. It inspires an atavistic dread in gamers. You cannot negotiate with it. I have tried defying it by standing still but the results are usually horrible.

The view is top down and the minimalist black and white which is striking while the quaint Gallic music put me in mind of France hence the preamble at the beginning.

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