Monty Python’s Not the Messiah (He’s a Very Naughty Boy)

This was a performance celebrating 40 years of Monty Python that was captured by digital cameras and screened in cinemas. The group come together (minus Cleese) in the Royal Albert Hall for an oratorio based on the legendary film, Life of Brian. Accompanying the Pythons were four opera singers, and the magnificent BBC symphony orchestra and chorus.

He's Not the Messiah Poster


The digital picture was extremely sharp (you ccould see the notes on the sheet music, flecks of saliva, wrinkles etc.) and despite some dips in terms of songs towards the end (even the Lumberjack Song felt weirdly deflated), the whole thing bounced along merrily.

Every glimpse of a Python was great (bringing cheers from the audience) and the opera singers were brilliant but the BBC orchestra and choir stole the show with their skilful performances (I wish I stuck with playing a musical instrument so I could be part of an orchestra).

 The music is enjoyable with numbers like Apolcalypso Now and Woe Woe Woe being standouts and the interaction between the actors, singers and orchestra was brilliant.

The highlights (apart from the sharp lines) were Eric Idle’s impression of a certain throaty sounding folk singer and Always Look on the Bright Side of Life and the gospel and doo-wop numbers. This is a film for Python fans and an experience that should be seen live or, at the very least in a cinema to enjoy the skill of the orchestra, choir and singers.

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