Useful Links – Real Kanji


Here’s a very good site for anybody studying Japanese. 

This website offers a flashcard presentation style with the symbols appearing and the user typing in the corresponding Hiragana. 

Real Kanji Menu
Select the Kanji you want to be tested on

Clicking on the home tab gives you a description of how to use the site but it is simple enough. 

The menu tab at the top is pretty self-explanatory but the central testing website is based on one of four commercially available books with a selection of symbols (Kanji de Manga 1 – 248 symbols, Japanese Language Proficiency Test – 539 symbols, Genki 1 – 429 symbols and Japanese Prefectures  – 47 symbols) as the screenshot shows.

The user may select a book in the Kanji tab and tick a checkbox to tag a group of Kanji (usually in groups of about 50). Once selected, the user may click on the practice tab and is presented with a symbol. 

The user then has the opportunity to type in the Hiragana equivalent for the Kanji symbol. As the user types, the Hiragana symbols will appear. The user may hit enter, to see if they are right or wrong. At any point, the user may use the mouse pointer to hover over the symbol to see the answer and their score. 

Real Kanji Testing Area Screenshot
The main testing area

This website is very well designed with an uncluttered interface. It is useful for practice as a flashcard system as it is very easy to use. The selection of symbols on offer varies but is aimed at students who are familiar with them as well as Hiragana used for grammatical purposes.

As a recognition tool it excels, always allowing the user to see the Kanji and the Hiragna equivalent. I have used it during lull periods in university lectures and just before Japanese lessons, finding it invaluable in boosting short-term memory.

Furthermore, clicking on the options tag allows the selection of different typefaces, useful for recognising Kanji whatever the situation.

A good testing website which is useful to a student who already possesses a degree of proficiency in the language as it features grammar and large symbols. This website provides a good system to test recognition but lacks the complexity needed for a intensive study, which is probably the point as the website is an easily accessible and very useful flashcard tool. It is a lot of fun and can be used in bite-sized chunks.

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