Sora no Woto: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma?

“And they saw this. The end of the world.”

This comment came at the end of episode five of Sora no Woto. The visuals that the dialogue followed were startling. However, it was a long time to wait for some interesting concrete background on the world.

Sora no Woto
Noël Kannagi when she's not asleep

I personally like the gritty or comedy end of anime. What I’ve never been able to watch is moe. I’m not a fan. I was recently told off for assuming that Moe was a creepy superifical genre as opposed to a creepy superficial fetish aesthetic movement. So one episode of Sora no Woto was enough to put me off.

I would have stayed away if I had to pay for these episodes but because of the website Crunchyroll, I’ve stuck with it and do you know what…

I think I’ve underestimated Sora no Woto. What initially seemed to me to be a superficial show combining War and Moe in some absurdist fashion actually seems to have some back-bone.

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